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Nashville-based musician and food writer Matt Moore is the quintessential Southern gentleman. His newest cookbook, A Southern Gentleman’s Kitchen, is a fresh take on a classic concept. With 150 distinctly Southern recipes from the tried-and-true to the modern, it’s a must-have for any gent’s (or lady’s) culinary library. 

Sometimes I find myself stuck in a rut when it comes to chicken. Grilled, baked, sautéed, roasted — it all starts to taste the same. So I created this meal utilizing some of my favorite ingredients to make an elegant, tasty dish. I use sweet, nutty pecans to create a crispy crust for the juicy, tender chicken breasts. In addition, I use fresh goat cheese amped up with herbs and black pepper to serve as my “finishing” sauce by melting it atop the hot chicken right when it’s cooked. Trust me, this goat-cheese technique is to die for. I like to serve this dish atop a bed of roasted tomatoes and asparagus. It goes right into the oven in one pan — simple, clean cooking at its finest. This meal pairs well with crisp, mineral-y white wines and light reds.

Gent’s tip: If you have some of the goat-cheese mixture left over, spread it on a toasted bagel the next morning, or fold it into a simple egg omelet. Dinner and breakfast perfection — ain’t life grand?

Reprinted with permission from Southern Living: A Southern Gentleman’s Kitchen