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Use sweet, tender pearl onions to their most delicious potential in this savory tart.

Where would modern cuisine be without the humble but mighty onion? Whether you’re reaching for shallots, chives, cipollinis, scallions, garlic or those little pearl onions that are very hard to peel (but worth it), there’s an innovative recipe in Onions Etcetera for you. This pearl onion tarte tatin is an extra-savory treat to be shared. 

Before you start, place your raw onions in the skillet and make sure that they fit very snugly. They will shrink a bit as they cook, so if you start with a slightly crowded pan, you’ll end up with perfect coverage. We usually make this with a mix of onion types, so there’s some pretty variation in color even as they caramelize. Likewise, we call for white balsamic vinegar, as regular balsamic will darken the onions more than we like. Serve this with a crisp, sharp salad and maybe a cup of soup.

Note: If you just want some delicious glazed onions, omit the crust and simply cook the onions until they are fully tender before adding the vinegar, which should take about 10 minutes longer than noted above.

Reprinted with permission from Onions Etcetera