We're loving award-winning cookbook author Jenny McCoy's new dessert cookbook, Desserts For Every Season, which highlights the sweeter sides of seasonal fruit. When a famed pastry chef develops recipes for some of the nation's top restaurants, we're going to need her cookbook. If you've already been struck with a cranberry craving, consider this simple strudel.

I became a strudel connoisseur during a trip to Vienna with my mother. Every morning began with a strong kaffee and a strudel. The afternoon snack included another kaffee and a strudel. And, of course, each evening ended with a kaffee and a strudel. My recipe, unlike the traditional Austrian version, calls for the use of phyllo dough instead of strudel dough, a much more manageable method for making this homemade pastry, but just as good. 

Reprinted with permission from Jenny McCoy's Desserts for Every Season