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San Francisco–based Guittard is the gold standard of chocolate, which is why chefs ask for it by name. The company’s new cookbook is a collection of five generations’ worth of recipes for everyone’s favorite chocolate desserts. When it comes to baking, especially for something simple, like these rich, creamy dark chocolate and peanut butter cookies, the best ingredients make all the difference. 

What makes the peanut butter–chocolate combination so irresistible? Perhaps it’s the blend of sweet and salty. Or maybe it’s the play on textures—melted chocolate with softly whipped peanut butter. This thumbprint cookie celebrates everything that’s good about the classic PB-DC combination. One bite takes me back to Saturday mornings with the Muppets (yup, my brother and I were allowed to eat cookies for breakfast; lucky ducks, I know). Peanut butter and dark chocolate: always a win, any time of day.

Reprinted with permission from Guittard Chocolate Cookbook