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A beautiful fruit cake that's deserving of your time. (Photo: Ali Allen.)

Food stylist Amber Rose, called “Britain’s most glamorous baker” has every dessert-worthy occasion covered with her new book, Love Bake Nourish. Experiment with heritage flours, seasonal fruits and the lighter side of sweet fare with Rose’s expertly tested recipes. This peach and pine nut cake is as simple to make as it is easy to eat. Maybe too easy. 

When I was young, we grew many varieties of peaches at home, and I would climb up the trees and steal them just before they were ripe, which got me into such trouble (quite right, too)—much to my dismay. A great peach has the ability to stop me in my tracks as I get lost in the juicy, sweet flesh. It is definitely one of my favorite fruits, especially when it has been freshly picked, warm and sweet from the sun.

Reprinted with permission from Love Bake Nourish