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This vegan pastel de choclo is a Chilean treat to feed a crowd.

If you’re not into vegan food but are ready to try, do we have a cookbook for you! Meat eaters and restaurant veterans Shannon Martinez and Mo Wyse have crafted a collection of seriously delicious recipes using no animal products at all. Ever had vegan pastel de choclo? We didn’t either — get cooking!

Simply put, this is a Chilean shepherd’s pie and it’s how we describe it on the menu. Typically, this dish has big juicy chunks of beef, but we find eggplant (aubergine) is the best substitute as it doesn’t have much flavor of its own, and carries all the flavors of the dish while still retaining its shape. This is fantastic served with a green salad dressed with our Lemon and Cumin Vinaigrette.


Tofu — we’ve had bad tofu experiences too, we get it. This is not one of them. It is purely a textural inclusion as we’re replicating boiled eggs that are also typically in this dish.

Olives — if you don’t like them, don’t include them, but you’re a dummy if you don’t. What are you, five years old? Grow up.

Reprinted with permission from Smith & Daughters