We’re big fans of Alison Roman’s latest collection of recipes, an ode to dining in with emphasis on big flavors (and small commitments). Pick up a copy and rejuvenate your home cooking game from every angle. This recipe for pasta with brown butter mushrooms is the hearty bowl of comfort food you’ve been craving. 

This recipe is a prime example of how I think pasta should be eaten. Basically equal parts pasta to whatever’s in it — especially when it comes to vegetables, and especially when it comes to mushrooms — plus something crunchy sprinkled over the top (here, toasted buckwheat) and a saucy something (here, raw egg yolks).

Speaking of mushrooms, do you know how many mushroom varieties there are? About four million. Even if that’s not true (it’s not), I feel like I’m always discovering a new type that makes me glad it’s socially acceptable to eat fungus. My favorites are the meatier yet more delicately flavored varieties like oyster, maitake and king trumpet. They contain less water, which not only means less shrinkage, but, more important, higher crisping potential. That said, this recipe works with all types of mushrooms, from the common button to the royal chanterelle, so use what you can find.

Reprinted with permission from Dining In