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These vibrant canapés take the idea of cheese and crackers and turn it into real party food!

Food writer and photographer Leela Cyd has a new cookbook out that will make you want to group-text five of your closest friends, “Dinner at my place!” Every recipe, from the tried-and-true to the brand-new, has a certain signature twist that makes each dish unique. Pick a page and get crackin’.

I first discovered this flavor combination on a tartine at Cyril’s, the sultry, candlelit wine and cheese bar my friends Sasha and Michael opened in Portland, Oregon. I entered the restaurant sighing with happiness, leaving the gray chilling-my-bones weather at the door, and my eyes turned to saucers when I spotted these gorgeous purple, green and white darlings on the marble bar counter. Upon first bite, my mind was sent aflurry on how I might re-create, modify, and enhance this sensual little snack for my own impromptu fetes. Many a good idea has been born at the behest of a cozy space, the company of pals and the perfect bite to eat, right?

Reprinted with permission from Food With Friends