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Make these zesty fried artichokes for your Oscars party and eat what the stars eat!

We say it all the time: It’s not an awards-show party until the appetizers hit the table. Dig into renowned Oscars caterer Wolfgang Puck’s award-worthy fried tender baby artichokes with a zesty-sweet citrus twist, and it’s not hard to see why he’s chef to the stars. 

California cuisine, which combines the Golden State’s abundance of year-round fresh produce with the cooking styles of the Mediterranean, has long been a signature of my flagship restaurant, Spago. It is certainly among the specialties those attending the Governors Ball after the Oscars have come to expect. That is why this particular appetizer is so appealing and popular. It features artichokes, the U.S. supply of which is mostly grown here in California, which we cook in a traditional style found in Provence and then serve with the classic Italian condiment gremolata, a mixture of garlic, parsley and citrus zests that is most often used as a garnish for the Milanese dish of braised veal shanks known as osso buco.