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Indian-spiced okra and eggs: your favorite new brunch dish.

Chef Cyrus Todiwala is a master of Indian fusion cuisine. Using only 10 choice spices from India’s vast bounty of spices, he’s created a vibrant new recipe collection for home cooks featuring classic and modern spins on favorite South Asian dishes. 

Eggs are the bedrock of Parsee cuisine, and I believe that no other culture in the world reveres them as much as we do. Even celebratory meals tend to begin with an egg-based dish. It would therefore be impossible for me to write a book that doesn’t feature them, so here is a recipe, albeit one that many of my fellow Parsees might do slightly differently.

Serve with chutney and crusty rolls, a French stick or chapattis. In India we have the most gorgeous breads, and I would serve this dish with ladi pao, a pan-baked bread that looks like small batch loaves.

Reprinted with permission from Mr. Todiwala’s Spice Box