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Crisp up that gnocchi and dress it with pesto for the prettiest dinner.

We’re working our way through British chef and “lightening up” empress Lorraine Pascale’s new book, Everyday Easy. Just because it’s light and simple doesn’t mean it can’t be flavor-packed and beautiful. Just look at these stunning gnocchi!

I first had gnocchi in an Italian restaurant near my house, and I had to find out all about it: where it was from, how it was made, and its variations. The owners told me that they used mashed potatoes and other ingredients to make the teeny pillows of heaven. I really wanted to put them in this book, but I needed a quicker method, so I threw tradition to the wind and made up my own version with flour and mascarpone, drawing on British dumplings for inspiration. These are great to make in bulk and freeze raw. These gnocchi are very versatile, so you can also try experimenting with other sauces, such as the all’arrabiata from Everyday Easy.

Reprinted with permission from Everyday Easy