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This Sunday, cook up a big pot of hearty paccheri pasta with tomato sauce and beef braciole (see below). It's feasting day!

Your cookbook inventory is not complete without a volume or two from best-selling cookbook author and food writer Nancy Harmon Jenkins. The only thing better? A collection of pasta recipes cowritten with her daughter, Sara Jenkins, chef at NYC’s East Village trattoria Porsena. Pick up your pasta pot and ready the extra-virgin olive oil: You know exactly what’s for dinner tonight.  

Hardly a family Sunday passes in Campania without a Neapolitan ragù being cooked and eaten for lunch. Probably derived from the French ragoût, which is slightly different (more a stew than a sauce), the Neapolitans’ ragù is a majestic dish all their own. It is not just a sauce for pasta, but an entire meal, and the Neapolitans are very fussy about the cut of beef chosen to make the braciola (a stuffed piece of beef similar to the beef olive). They use scamone, rump of beef.


Reprinted with permission from The Four Seasons of Pasta