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This savory pasta with swordfish is what you need to make for dinner.

We're so happy Brooklyn cornerstone Franny's condensed their spectacular repertoire into one of the best cookbooks of the summer (along with these 6 must-reads). Prepare for homestyle Italian food of the finest quality, each recipe with its own quirky twist. This swordfish pasta may have you making more trips to the fish market.

People often think of swordfish as a strong-flavored fish, but I think that’s more about its texture, which is meaty and dense. The flesh is actually sweet and mild. And for this dish, swordfish’s density is an advantage, allowing for lovely, resilient chunks that can stand up to the al dente pasta. Their size and texture goes well with the pasta called paccheri (in Italian it means “a slap in the mouth”) — the bits of fish nestle nicely inside the wide openings of the pasta — but you can also use rigatoni or any other large tubular shape. The pungency of chili flakes, mint and fennel seeds make a nice contrast to the gentle saline flavor of the fish.

Reprinted with permission from Franny's