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Roasting patatas bravas helps cut down on fat but takes nothing away from the flavor of this essential Spanish tapas dish.

For masterful Spanish cooking you can replicate at home, look to chef Katie Button’s new book, named for her Asheville restaurant. Cúrate is packed with 125 recipes from the classic to the modern, tapas and drinks to main courses and desserts, with plenty of surprises in between. 

You’ll find this Spanish counterpart to American French fries all over Spain. There — and at the restaurant — the potatoes are deep-fried. But I like to roast the potatoes at home. (If you’d like to deep-fry at home, you can drop the potatoes into 300°F oil until just tender, drain and chill them, then fry them again at 375°F until crunchy.)

What I haven’t altered are the essential condiments: brava sauce and allioli. The smoky sweet tomato sauce and garlicky mayonnaise make the crunchy potatoes one of my favorite Spanish dishes. They’re the appetizer, side, or snack you can eat with anything.

Reprinted with permission with Cúrate