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Wolfgang Puck serves up crisp, delectable hominy toast bites that everyone in attendance can enjoy.

We say it all the time: It’s not an awards-show party until the appetizers hit the table. Dig into renowned Oscars caterer Wolfgang Puck’s award-worthy smoked hominy toasts with velvety avocado puree and pickled jalapeños. It’s not hard to see why he’s chef to the stars. 

So many food lovers are careful about what they eat, and in my restaurants and my catering company we always get requests for dishes that are vegetarian or vegan, or gluten-free, among others. That’s why we make sure to include offerings at the Governors Ball to suit everyone’s particular needs. My team created this vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, bite-size hors d’oeuvre with just such requests in mind. And it also tastes delicious. Most good-size supermarkets will carry loaves of vegan bread, and you can also probably find bottled juice from the distinctive Japanese citrus fruit yuzu in the Asian foods aisle.