Feeding your family a healthy (and exciting) diet can be a challenge on busy weeknights. Simplify things with food writing and cookbook author Sarah Waldman’s new collection of recipes, and never wonder what to make again! This orange-glazed grilled tofu is a hearty vegetarian meal your family will request all the time. 

Before you turn your nose up at tofu, I want to promise that firm, grilled tofu, drizzled with a soy saucey–gingery-orangey sauce is far from the dreaded world of mushy and bland. In fact, this dish reminds me of the classic Chinese orange chicken that we are all guilty of once ordering.

Kids Can: Bigger kids can shell the pistachio nuts and measure out ¼ cup. Using child-safe knives, kids can slice the zucchini into rounds and then tear up the mint leaves.

For Baby: Reserve a piece of plain grilled tofu, a few grilled zucchini rounds, and a small bowl of undressed farro. These foods can be pureed, mashed, or cut into bite-size pieces, depending on your baby’s age.

Reprinted with permission from Feeding A Family