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Chef, food stylist and blogger Maria del Mar Sacasa knows a lot about food these days, and one fact in particular: Quinoa is here to stay. The tiny superfood grain wears a surprising number of tiny hats — which is to say, it goes wherever you say it goes. Stir-fry, burgers, stuffing, even tuna noodle casserole! Break out a pack of quinoa noodles and remember: Quinoa is no passing phase.

I know what you’re thinking: tuna noodle casserole? Really? This one-pot wonder might have a bad rap, but that’s because it has always been made with “convenience” ingredients like cream of mushroom soup. Ditch the canned goop and make your own sauce. Add plenty of buttered mushrooms, some good cheese, and, of course, quinoa noodles, and you’ve got comfort in a pot. Oh, and sprinkle some potato chips on top, just to keep it classy.

Reprinted with permission from The Quinoa [Keen-Wah] Cookbook