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Greg Baker, chef-owner of The Refinery in Tampa, Florida, is a 20-year kitchen veteran, having worked in Portland, Oregon and Austin before opening his James Beard Awardnominated restaurant in 2010. 

I visited Paris for a couple of days this summer, mostly for fun, but I snuck a little research into the deal. Brasseries were my main focus, as I wanted to drill down and see the food of everyday working people. While hoping to find some great new revelation, what I found was that Parisians eat like I cook at home, so there was no fantastic new thing to bring home.

Thinking back, the simplicity of this pot-roasted guinea fowl just stuck with me. It’s fun to just drop back and re-evaluate the basics. It’s sort of like an experienced musician revisiting something as simple as "Louie Louie." What nuance can be grasped by re-examining an old standard? In the end, it’s still a simple dish, but made stronger by questioning the details.

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