I love mozzarella sticks. The first time I had them, I knew then and there that fried cheese was something special. But why does Italian food seemingly have this culinary masterpiece of a snack on lockdown? I don’t have a good answer to that question, but recently I decided it was time to change things. I mixed one of my favorite snacks with probably my favorite type of cuisine (Mexican!) and the results were pretty glorious.

By using freshly ground corn tortillas as bread crumbs, you get an exterior that’s reminiscent of the freshly made tortilla chips at your favorite taqueria, but also something that’s not too far off the original Italian breadcrumb-coated version. I use Oaxacan cheese, which is a fresh Mexican mozzarella-style string cheese that’s perfect for this. It’s one of the stretchiest cheeses you’ll find.

Learn the easy technique in the sizzling video below: