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Learn this rarebit sandwich recipe by heart and gain one more weapon in your anti-hangover arsenal.

If you love, cherish and season your cast-iron skillet like it’s a member of the family, we have a new cookbook for your library. Food writer and cookbook author Charlotte Druckman’s latest collection of recipes all take place on the searing-hot surface of a heavy iron pan. Her NYC rarebit sandwich recipe is a superb lesson in battling a hangover.

This sandwich references the world’s most perfect hangover food, the UK’s Welsh rarebit. Toasted English muffins drenched in molten cheddar perfumed with beer and Worcestershire sauce hold a mixture of sautéed apples and onions. It’s messy, as it should be. Take an obnoxiously large bite, let the cheesy lava dribble down your chin, and chase it with a hair-of-the-dog pint of Guinness — or maybe a Brooklyn-brewed stout to honor the Big Apple, where me and my rarebit were born.

Reprinted with permission from Stir, Sizzle, Bake