Indian foods may seem a little out of your wheelhouse, but pick up a fresh new copy of blogger Asha Shivakumar’s Masala & Meatballs and learn this vibrant cuisine through the magic of fusion. This nut-crusted halibut has a vibrant sauce and subtle Indian flavors for a delicious foray into the exotic. 

The second year of our marriage, when I grew a little comfortable with cooking and a little relaxed around my kitchen, I planned to make something out of my comfort zone, something completely different. I made this effortlessly chic dish for Valentine’s Day. I recall how impressed my hubby was, and how happy I was. I told myself, “Oh hey, I can cook.” I scribbled in my diary so that I didn’t forget anything, thinking that I would put this recipe in my cookbook, whenever that happens — and here it is. It’s a surreal feeling that this recipe made it. If there’s one thing you do not want to skip is the asafetida. Get a small bottle; it keeps for a while. Serve the fish with some chunky, toasted bread or herbed rice.

Notes: You can use any fleshy fish that is does not have a strong smell. You can finish cooking the fish in the pan by covering and cooking over very low heat for a few minutes. It will not be as crispy because it will steam when you cover, but it is an option.

Reprinted with permission from Masala & Meatballs