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These coconutty brownies get an extra hit of flavor from a couple of minutes on a hot grill!

Award-winning food blogger Izy Hossack has a cookbook out that will reawaken your love of the kitchen. Read it, cook it and add some brand-new favorites to your everyday repertoire, like these coconut macaroon brownies you finish on the grill!

During the Christmas holidays there seem to be chocolate selection boxes everywhere – purple and red tins are all over the place. You can’t turn up to school during December without being offered some kind of confectionery. And when a new tin is opened, a stampede of people run towards the chocolate-bringer. Their aim? To make sure they’re not left with the fruit-goo or coconut-filled chocolates. Luckily, I love the coconut chocolates so I’m glad to be, um, ‘burdened’ with them. These brownies take inspiration from the flavors of those chocolates, translating them into fudgy brownie form.

Reprinted with permission from Everyday Delicious