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Taylor pork roll (also known as Taylor ham) is a smoky, porky New Jersey specialty that's perfect in a breakfast sandwich.

Say what you will about New Jersey, but head over the bridge and you’ll eat very, very well. With an enormous amount of farmland as well as a diverse immigrant (and native) population, you’ll be ready to move on from red-sauce Italian quicker than you may think. Take a peek into the Garden State’s culinary past, present and future with New Jersey native and food and beer journalist John Holl’s new cookbook. 

It seems simple enough, right? Three ingredients stacked inside a hard roll — what’s so complicated? For a sandwich with slippery contents, construction is key, as is the ingredients ratio. I remember once being at a South Jersey diner that served this breakfast staple with a dozen slices of Taylor ham. It was a glorious sight — until my first bite sent slices of ham sliding out the back end to plop down onto the plate below. A sandwich should stick together — that’s what makes a sandwich a sandwich, rather than something you have to eat with knife and fork.

Reprinted with permission from Dishing Up New Jersey