Turn to star chef Jet Tila for all things Asian. Tila’s multi-ethnic culinary background instilled in him an encyclopedia knowledge of ingredients and techniques that he’s only too happy to share with us. This recipe for Buddha’s Delight will satisfy vegetarians and omnivores alike. 

There are times when I just crave a wok full of vegetables, and this is my go-to dish. It’s chock full of different textures and flavors. If there is something you hate, get rid of it and sub in something you love! This is a light, healthy but super-flavorful vegetable stir-fry.

Pro Tips: Cut all the larger vegetables into ¼-inch strips and keep smaller vegetables like snow peas and bean sprouts whole.

The best tofu for the wok is tofu that is vacuum packaged, not the tofu in water. This tofu has naturally formed a skin and will not stick in the wok or pan. It comes naturally white, fried or often coated in a soy sauce or five-spiced glaze. It is usually in the deli section of a well-stocked grocery store and sometimes merchandised next to the cheese and cold cuts. Tofu in water should only be used for wet applications like soups or braises.

Reprinted with permission from 101 Asian Dishes You Need To Cook Before You Die