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Photo: Sami Johnson
Low effort, high satisfaction rate.

You want good food and you want it fast. You’re in luck, because we just picked up a copy of chef and TV personality Jason Roberts’s new book, Good Food — Fast! Whether the goodness you crave is gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, or protein-heavy, if it makes you feel good, there’s a recipe for it in here. Ever seen fruit dressed up like this for the party?  

Here’s a real feel-good dessert: It requires minimal effort, it’s low in fat, and it’s so refreshing. There is no set type of fruit to use; however, it should reflect the season and what’s available and especially good at the time! I like to make the fruit look nice and uniform (save the offcuts for fresh juice or a smoothie the next day).

Reprinted with permission from Good Food — Fast!