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Chef Jenn Louis' mustard green pancakes are one of many reasons to get more leafy greens in your diet.

Portland chef Jenn Louis’ cookbook is one of our favorite collections of vegetable recipes in recent memory. Packed to the gills with all the information you could ever need to up your leafy greens intake, The Book of Greens is a must-own for lovers of kale and everything kale-like under the sun. These mustard green pancakes, inspired by Chinese scallion pancakes, are simply sublime. 

These aren’t like breakfast pancakes; they are like the scallion pancakes you might find in a Chinese restaurant. If you love the sharp, strong flavor of mustard, then you will love these. Or if you don’t want so much of a vegetal flavor, consider subbing in a milder green, such as spinach or chard. The dipping sauce drives home the Asian flavor.

Other greens to try: nettles, spinach, lamb’s quarters, chard

Reprinted with permission from The Book of Greens