When in Los Angeles, stop in to downtown Mexican restaurant Broken Spanish and grab one of renowned chef Ray Garcia’s superb tamales. Garcia loaned us his recipe mushroom and poblano tamales for the holidays. If you’re looking for a big, delicious cooking project to do all together, this is the one!

“For me, tamales are synonymous with the holiday season,” says Garcia, writing about his mushroom and poblano tamales. “Growing up, tamale making was a family affair. There would be three generations working together around the kitchen table to prepare this integral part of the Christmas feast. Our tamales were generally pork- or beef-based, but this mushroom version is equally satisfying. A variety of roasted mushrooms provide a warm and meaty base while the heat from the chiles delivers a generous amount of spice. Adding Tabasco cuts through some of the richness of the cheese and masa, offering a brightness not often found in tamales.”