The moussaka recipe at Molyvos starts with center-cut lamb and beef chuck, which comes to the restaurant whole daily. The meat is butchered and ground in-house — during the cooking process, we take the time to sear the meat, giving it a nice caramelization. The meat is seasoned in every step of the cooking process and we buy the freshest whole and ground spices at Kalustyan’s in New York. Everyone uses cinnamon in moussaka, but we use a mix made up of five different spices called Ras el Hanout, specially prepared for us. 

After all the ingredients are prepared, we use a bechamel sauce with yogurt, giving this moussaka a light but very creamy texture that rounds out the dish. In addition, each casserole is built in individual dishes and baked to order. The end result is a hot bubbling moussaka cooked just for you. Kali Orexi! (Bon Appetit!)