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Food writer, blogger and stylist Samantha Seneviratne has a dessert book out that will have you running to restock your pantry with cake flour, molasses, extracts and…look, just restock your pantry with baking ingredients. Her latest collection of recipes,The New Sugar & Spice, covering the classic cookie to the brand-new brownie, is photographed so beautifully, you may find yourself biting off more than you can chew.

Cashew nuts grow in the most unexpected way. The fruit of the cashew tree resembles a pear-shaped apple. At the bottom of the red and yellow fruit, a hard, gray cashew-shaped pod grows. This pod contains the cashew kernel, the part we eat. There is a Filipino fable explaining the provenance of the strange appearance of the cashew fruit. According to the tale, the cashew seed began nestled safely inside the fruit. But one day, upon hearing the merrymaking of the creatures in the forest, the cashew nut wished to be outside. A passing fairy, hearing the nut’s desperate pleas, granted its wish. After some time on the outside, long after the party was over, the nut realized that the weather in the jungle can be harsh and begged to be back cozy inside the fruit. But the fairy wouldn’t grant the wish, insisting that the nut get comfortable with where it was.

Perhaps these cashew nuts could learn to be cozy buried in a chewy caramel? That’s where I put them. Cashews and caramel make an excellent pair. The salty nuts are both crunchy and creamy. They punctuate the spiced caramel with bursts of roasted flavor.

Lyle’s Golden Syrup is a thick, honey-like syrup made from sugarcane. I use it instead of corn syrup because I prefer its toasty flavor. You can find it in the baking aisle of a well-stocked supermarket, or online.

Reprinted with permission from The New Sugar & Spice