Horacio Rivadero, executive chef The Dining Room in Miami and Food and Wine’s 2012 Best Gulf Coast Chef shared his recipe for a ceviche with distinctive Peruvian touches like roasted sweet potato and corn perfect for early fall. 

When you think Miami you think seafood, which is one of the reasons this Ceviche Mixto dish, or Mixed Seafood Ceviche, is so popular at The Dining Room. You have a mix of flavors and textures — the sliced octopus, sweet citrus and spicy peppers plus the surprise of the sweet potato will excite your palate.

My tip is to make sure that you don’t overmarinate the ceviche or it will change the textures and flavors. Have a nice balance between the spiciness and the citrus. Every time you make this dish, find the balance between all of the elements.