If you’ve ever done a shot of whiskey while chewing a piece of spearmint gum, then you’ve got an idea of what a mint julep tastes like. It’s basically bourbon mixed with fresh mint and simple syrup (liquefied sugar). So yes, it’s sort of like a mojito, but instead of having rum and being consumed in Miami or Havana, it has bourbon and it is best consumed while fanning oneself with a straw hat on a front porch in the sweltering Southern heat. Or at Churchill Downs, during the Kentucky Derby, where horse racing fans suck down an estimated 100,000-plus mint juleps on Derby Day (that’s tomorrow, in case you hadn’t noticed).

The mint julep is actually a nice cocktail anytime, though, so try it tomorrow, then mix it into your cocktail repertoire and bust it out at a barbecue or a picnic this summer.