Your party food needs an update. It’s not like people have stopped loving stuffed mushrooms, that will never happen, but if you can miniaturize a dish people absolutely love, you’re heading for a slam dunk. Join Peter Callahan, NYC’s caterer to the stars, and revamp your special occasion menus in delightful ways. Try these mini meatball subs on for size!

A meatball sub is the classic example of something that, at full size, could never be done at a party. It’s traditionally a very heavy meal, but if you shrink it way, way down — we shrink it to about an inch and a half — it might be called adorable and cute and make the guys happy as well. People enjoy sub shop fare in the smaller scale. We shave a little bit of Parmesan over the top and add a baby basil sprig (picking tiny leaves from the very center of the basil stem).

Notes: Substitute your favorite recipe for the rolls if you prefer. Or, if you’re short on time, buy King’s Hawaiian dinner rolls and cut them down to 2½ inches in length.

You will have extra marinara sauce after assembling the heroes; freeze it for another use.

Reprinted with permission from Peter Callahan’s Party Food