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Big, fluffy matzo balls floating in jalapeño- and mushroom-scented chicken broth. Happy Passover to you, too!

Pati Jinich has been whipping up Mexican favorites on PBS for half a decade, so when it comes to a go-to cookbook for your favorite South-of-the-border fare, look no further than her new collection, Mexican Today. Whether you’re cooking for the family on a weeknight or bringing down the house for the holidays (whatever they may be), there’s a recipe or two in this book to pump you up. 

This is a Mexican rendition of matzo ball soup, with jalapeños sweat­ed along with mushrooms, adding subtle heat to the broth. The mush­room base is easy to make. It’s a wonderful way to dress up chicken soup for the holidays or for entertaining. My maternal grandmother used to season her matzo balls with nutmeg and a bit of parsley. I add a splash of toasted sesame oil, too. Her secret ingredient for making them fluffy was a dash of sparkling water. She used mushrooms of all sorts in the soup, but she was moderate in her use of chilis. In honor of my late grandfather, who was obsessed with chilies, I add a lot more to this soup than she would have.

Reprinted with permission from Mexican Today