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Pair cooling mint and yogurt with freshly charred zucchini for a perfect vegetarian summer side dish.

Award-winning food writer and cookbook author Anna Thomas’s new collection of recipes is a celebration of vegan meals for hungry omnivores. These plant-based dishes were designed for mixed-group entertaining, from brunch with friends to formal holiday feasts. Leave the meat where it is tonight and pick up some produce!

Zucchini mysteriously transforms into something smoky and seductive as it chars over coals or under a broiler, loses moisture, cooks down. This can be a cool, lemony zucchini salad or a warm vegetable dish. It begins with well-charred zucchini spears and lemon, but you can vary it — add a dab of thick Greek-style yogurt or a pinch of oregano.

Reprinted with permission from Vegan Vegetarian Ominivore