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This lobster roll offers a way to cut the richness.

Happy Lobster Roll Week! To celebrate this sweet, briny jewel of the summer sandwich menu, we're running five straight days of recipes, interviews, chefs' expert tips and pairings. If you thought you were craving a buttery bun stuffed with fresh lobster meat before this official celebration, it's about to get critical. Pick up a lobster or four and churn out one of the most important dishes of the summer. This herb-spiked creation hails from MC Perkins Cove in Ogunquit, Maine, developed by two James Beard Award-winning chefs.

Says Chef Frasier of their lobster roll:

"There are a million lobster rolls out there, and not just in Maine anymore. But as we sampled them around our great state we found that although often delicious, lobster rolls in general were a bit rich without anything to cut that richness. Our obvious solution to this culinary dilemma was to add fresh herbs from our garden! With the addition of tasty herbs such as fennel top, Italian parsley, chives or any other “soft” herb, the lobster roll is both rich and balanced.

I had never had a lobster roll until I first visited Maine. I’d had hot lobster before of course and enjoyed it, but it was not top on my list of food favorites. Mark took me to a lobster shack on that visit and introduced me to this amazing Maine “street food” and to this day it is hands-down my favorite way to eat lobster and besides, it’s fun!"