The editors of Food & Wine magazine just launched a cookbook of their favorite dessert recipes. From seasonal favorites to holiday classics and modern spins on beloved ethnic sweets, this is one cookbook for everybody with a sweet tooth. These matcha tea cake cookies are an elegant way to end a meal. 

Matcha is Japanese powdered green tea. It’s available at Asian markets, large grocery stores and from

Cookbook author Ben Mims makes these not-too-sweet cookies with a soft, cake-like texture. The “it” ingredient matcha — an antioxidant-rich green tea powder—gives the cookies a beautiful color and a light, toasty flavor.

Make ahead: The cookies can be stored in an airtight container for up to 3 days. Dust with the matcha sugar before serving.

“ The sweet grassiness of the green tea powder pairs perfectly with the almond and vanilla, but don’t use your super-expensive, hand-carried-from-Japan matcha. Most respected tea companies now sell a less expensive culinary-grade matcha for baking.” — Julia Heffelfinger, associate food editor

Reprinted with permission from Desserts