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A vegetarian sandwich that's sure to fill you up. (Photo: Quentin Bacon.)

Renowned chef Mario Batali’s new cookbook, America Farm To Table, is a celebration of local farmers around the country. In the book, readers travel from coast to coast with one of the nation’s most beloved culinary faces to see how the master uses local fare to everyone’s advantage. In this dish, Batali brings us a vegetarian sub that is both lighter, and quite possibly more flavorful, than its meatball cousin. Here’s what the chef has to say: “I have eaten many eggplant Parmigiana over the years in New Jersey and in Little Italy, but this caponata variation is easier, lighter, more delicious and just plain less messy to make. Unused caponata becomes tomorrow’s lunch or tonight’s antipasto in a flash.”

Reprinted with permission from America Farm To Table