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Photo: Steve Legato
Crunchy and beautiful cookies in less than an hour.

They’re short, sweet and very chic — they’re madeleines, a ubiquitous French pastry that’s a cross between a cake, a cookie and a sea creature. Bake dozens of these shell pastries at home with author Barbara Feldman Morse’s new book, Madeleines. If you were just going to pour yourself a bowl of granola, think again.

When I lived in Vermont, I loved the annual rite of passage of tapping maple trees to make syrup. A few years ago my husband, Matt, even tried it out himself. Matt’s maple syrup was proof that there’s no substitute for the real deal. To make these madeleines I paired maple syrup with granola, two breakfast staples. I love serving them with a small dish of vanilla or plain Greek yogurt.

Reprinted with permission from Madeleines