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Three of our favorite things in one sweet treat.

While it may be one of the most wonderful food and booze pairings in the natural world, leave bourbon and bacon cookbooks to the highly experienced folks at Southern Living. Author Morgan Murphy says it’s not a diet book, and that’s an understatement. As long as this wonderful collection is in your kitchen, you may never diet again. Fall may be upon us, but that’s no reason to stop making popsicles just yet. Especially when they contain…well, you know.  

Steel City Pops in Birmingham makes a killer collection of gourmet pops. But owner Jim Watkins cracked the taste-bud code on this one: Crisp bacon pieces add a smoky crunch to the sweet maple flavor of these babies. Three-ounce paper cups make great pop molds if you don’t have plastic ones.

Reprinted with permission from Southern Living Bourbon & Bacon