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Studded with vegetables like little jewels, this fresh take on tabbouleh will quickly become your favorite vegetarian side dish.

We look forward to vegetable cookbooks for months in advance, so the launch of V Is for Vegetables, from Gramercy Tavern executive chef Michael Anthony, is a big deal for us. Wave your magic wand-knife over a bounty of chef Anthony’s favorite vegetables and transform produce into extraordinary dishes that will have you cooking through the colors for months. A great veggie book is worth its weight in turnips, or in this case, fennel.

This salad shows off another side of fennel: fresh, crunchy and full of anise notes. Israeli couscous isn’t a grain like bulgur or farro; it’s an extruded wheat pasta whose size and texture work well with the fennel dice and other chopped and tossed ingredients.

Reprinted with permission from V Is For Vegetables