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Learn how to make a bread bowl for soup and never eat from inferior ceramic again!

We love award-winning chef and cookbook author Richard Bertinet’s new collection of recipes, Dough. Divided by chapters into white, olive, brown, rye, and sweetened breads, it’s a baker’s bible with more than a few fun twists. Learn how to make a bread bowl for soup — no hollowing out required!

I first thought of this after ordering an Indian take-out meal. The food was tasty, but it looked so boring in its little plastic trays. I thought how much more fun it would be to serve it in bowls made from bread, which you could flavor with a little chili or spice and then eat, as the sauces softened the bread. From the idea of a curry bowl it was only a short step to thinking about also using the bread containers as soup bowls — a nice play on soup with bread or croutons.

To prepare: Turn 8 oven-proof bowls (about 5 inches in diameter) upside down and lightly oil the outside. (I use a set of soup or breakfast bowls.)

Reprinted with permission from Dough