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This is the best pizza you've had in recent memory. You just need to make it.

The only thing missing from Philadelphia pizza master Joe Beddia’s cookbook, Pizza Camp, is a form to sign up for actual pizza camp. We’ll settle for just the book, though, as it’s thoroughly packed with knowledge on making the best pizzas of your life. Learn how to make arrabbiata pizza, inspired by pizza legend Chris Bianco, and prepare for one spicy night. 

I can remember reading about Chris Bianco and his Rosa pizza. He basically said this pizza was a true expression and representation of who he was. I initially found the statement funny and a little pretentious — but Chris is a really humble dude. I knew that until I actually tasted the pizza, I wouldn’t understand what he was talking about.

The Rosa pizza was brilliant. It was like tasting the terroir of Arizona (where his pizza shop is), the Bronx (where Chris is from), and Italy all at once. Then what he said made sense. It was proof that you can catch a glimpse of someone through their craft.

The Arrabbiata is my pizza. It’s what I want to eat, but it’s not for everyone. “Arrabbiata” means “angry” in Italian. What’s angry about this pizza is its heat. Like me, it’s bold and perhaps a little obnoxious. If you could describe a pizza as somewhat self-destructive, it is this one. On the positive side, it’s immensely flavorful and equally addictive. Just like me, if you get to know me. I’ve found when talking to customers that they will let you know what it’s like to digest spicy food and experience its inevitable disgusting return. We know, we know. But my favorite quote is: “Put the toilet paper in the freezer tonight.”

Reprinted with permission from Pizza Camp