“The malfadini scampi is my reimagined take on the classic iteration of the Italian dish,” says PJ Calapa, chef/owner of NYC’s Scampi. Calapa’s mastery of the dish left us speechless, and eager for more.

“I like to keep it simple, using malfadini pasta instead of the traditional linguine, and tossing it with white wine, garlic, crustacean stock and chili flakes,” adds the chef. “I then add in some fresh shrimp to cook in butter along with the pasta, and finish it by seasoning with freshly chopped parsley, lemon juice and salt to taste. Top it off with a little toasted bread crumbs for added texture and voila, you have a simple yet flavorful scampi dish.”

Try it at home — it might just become your new standby pasta dish.