The magnificent Luke’s Lobster grilled cheese, teeming with seasonal Jonah crab, is a treat to be savored. It’s high time for Jonah crab, a tasty crustacean that inhabits the ice-cold winter waters of the East Coast. Too often, it’s consider “leftovers” from lobster fishing, but it’s really a delicacy all its own. And leave it to none other than NYC’s famed house of shellfish Luke’s Lobster to take full advantage of its newfound popularity as a sustainable shellfish option.

“The driving force behind putting the crab grilled cheese on our menu this winter was demand, but also that we wanted to highlight a new way to enjoy Jonah crab in the winter because peak harvesting season is January through April,” says Ben Conniff, cofounder and president of Luke’s Lobster. “Sustainable management of Jonah crab has also made major headway in recent years. The work we did helping to establish the Fishery Improvement Project for Jonah crab just last year ensures the long-term sustainability of the fishery, and it makes us more excited than ever to include it in new dishes our guests love!”