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Byron's rarebit burger is an extra-cheesy delight. Get to know this humble-yet-fancy trick and impress your dinner guests.

American diner food in Britain? Absolutely, pass us a rarebit burger! (With all apologies to classic pub grub, that is.) Chef Tom Byng opened the first Byron in London, serving the kind of burgers that seemed absent from the city’s dining scene. After partnering with chef Fred Smith, who was churning out superb patties for hungry crowds, a signature burger was born. Now with dozens of locations around the UK, the Byron boys have released a cookbook packed with the recipes that made them famous. Their rarebit burger — a cheeseburger topped with an extra-savory, crisp broiled cheese sauce — is truly a standout. 

Fred was once charged with making a hamburger that celebrated British ingredients for an event called Meatopia. And what could be more British than “Welsh rarebit” flavored with English ale? Think of this as an eccentric English cheeseburger.

Reprinted with permission from Byron: The Cookbook