This beer cocktail is the brainchild of Marcus Wade at Miami’s MC Kitchen. The drink was inspired by Loki, the God of mischief and shape-shifter in Norse mythology. Legend has it that in the poem “Loki’s Quarrel,” Loki disrupted a feast and argued with Thor. Fleeing Thor’s wrath, Loki left the party and disguised himself as a salmon in a waterfall. However, he is found and bound by the entrails of his son. Fun!

Wade reports that guests try Loki’s Quarrel for the shock-value aspect, often ending up really enjoying the combination of flavors. In order to create this unusual concoction at home, you’ll need a Dogfish Head Randall Jr. infuser ($20), a gadget that allows you to infuse your brew with a blast of flavor, be it with coffee beans, jalapeños, bacon or yes, salmon roe, in just 10 minutes.

The recipe calls for salmon roe in the bottom of your glass as a garnish, but feel free to add more to the infuser (see above photo with roe layered between the lemons and cucumbers) for an extra punch of savory goodness. Be brave, like Loki. Or maybe we didn’t read that fable quite right.