If anyone knows matzo, it’s Michele Streit Heilbrun — co-owner of Streit’s matzo, arguably the most famous matzo in the world. If you’re cooking during Passover week, matzo is your best friend. While a little dry and lackluster on its own, it can be made into a huge number of delicious dishes, including this LEO matzo brei. LEO stands for “lox, eggs, onions,” and is a beloved breakfast combination. 

Lox, eggs, and onions, or L.E.O., as the combination is commonly known, is as quintessential to Jewish food as the bagel. Right after I learned to talk, I’m sure the next thing my father taught me to do was eat L.E.O. We took this classic and married it with matzo brei to make these two iconic dishes even more beloved. My dad would be proud!

Reprinted with permission from Matzo