Best lobster roll in the city? Tough decision. New York slings a mean lobster roll. Among the meanest: Luke’s Lobster, a delightful urban shack that holds true to its Maine roots. Real Maine Food, a new cookbook by Luke’s Lobster owners Luke Holden and Ben Conniff, showcases recipes by the folks who invented this briny summer treat. Folks who know a thing or two about kelp. 

Pairing lobster and kelp is a natural decision — they hang out in the same water, and Tollef and Paul of Ocean Approved actually recruit lobstermen to harvest kelp during the slow winter and spring lobster seasons. Slaw-cut kelp can then be thawed at peak lobster season and mixed with summer greens and julienned vegetables to make an amazing starter or side dish. If you can’t get your hands on fresh-frozen kelp, you can thinly slice reconstituted dried kelp.

Reprinted with permission from Real Maine Food