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This sweet, tangy and savory lemongrass tofu is an essential recipe for every vegetarian diet.

Vegetarian cuisine has never looked better! Produce-based cuisine is having a major moment in fine dining restaurants and casual eateries alike. Chef and cookbook author Hetty McKinnon has a new collection of recipes out that let the greenery shine, no meat necessary. This flavor-packed lemongrass tofu with Asian greens will be a Meatless Monday go-to recipe. 

I have a strong affection for lemongrass and not only because of its tropical, citrus scent and its potent medicinal qualities. Lemongrass also reminds me of the suburban Sydney house where I grew up. We always had lemongrass growing in our backyard and later, when we lived in Surry Hills, my mother supplied lemongrass cuttings that grew robustly in our community verge garden. This salad is full of lemongrass goodness and fond memories.

Reprinted with permission from Neighborhood