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Celebrity chef and fitness guru Candice Kumai’s latest book, Clean Green Eats, is your guide to enjoying whole foods like you never have before. Supercharge the rice bowl concept with hulled barley and protein-packed tofu and edamame. If that sounds like it needs avocado, you’re absolutely right. 

The distinctive flavors of lemon, sesame oil, soy sauce, and oregano combine beautifully in this perfectly balanced “power lunch.” I love to use fiber-rich barley as a base for hearty lunch bowls — it has such a great texture and is really filling. Add tofu, edamame, and — my favorite — avocado, and you have a totally satisfying meat-free meal.

Note: Hulled barley is barley in its most natural state, which means it needs to cook for quite a bit longer than pearl barley — 1 to 1½ hours longer. Pearl barley has the hull removed and is therefore less tough. Adjust your cooking time based on the variety you choose.

Reprinted with permission from Clean Green Eats